GODIZIO Curbside Takeout

Due to the local government's temporary shutdown dine-in restaurants, Rodizio Grill now offers  takeout and  Enjoy some of your Rodizio favorites  in the comfort of your home. Tuesday-Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 12-8pm, Sunday 1-6pm

To place a takeout order, call 856-344-5110 or click here to order online.


                                                Brazilian Platter $15.99 Per Person 
Select 3 Items  
Miolo - Center Cut 
Picanha - Top Sirloin
Frango Agri-Doce - Sweet & Spicy Chicken
Sobre Coxa - Marinated Chicken
Presunto - Glazed Ham
Abacaxi - Grilled Pineapple
Dinner Roll
Black Beans & Rice 
Daily Chef Special - Signature Salad (rotating)


                                                             Meat Lovers  Tree Meat Platter $20.99
Top sirloin (Picanha )
Tri Tip steak w Garlic  (Maminha )
Beef Center cut ( Miolo)
Served with Brazilian Rice and Brazilian Beans , Dinner Roll ,
and chef Salad (rotating daily)
                                                             Family of Four  Takeout Special $60

1/2  lb Picanha (Top Sirloin)
1 /2 lb. New York Strip
1  lb. Frango Agri-Doce (Sweet & Spicy Chicken)
1  lb. Sobre Coxa (Marinated Chicken)

                                                                      Sea Food Trio $19.99

Sea food combination Srimp  Garlic , seasoned salmon  ,Swai Fish seasoned with lemon dill sauce served with fresh vejetables Zucchini, yellow squash red onions Peppers and Parmesan cheese .

                                                                Picanha Burger (top sirlion steak $14.99


Fresh Top Sirloin steak served on a Brioche bun with Romaine lettuce , bacon bits , fresh mozzarella cheese dice Roma  tomato's mix  with Mayonnaise  and fresh hand cut fries .


Pao de Quejo side ( Brazilian cheese bread ) $3       Bananas fritas side  with cinnamon sugar $3.50   Chimichurri  $1.50 


                                                                                Side of Meat 

 Picanha Top Sirloin   $5

Miolo Center cut beef $5

Garlic ateak Tri tip $5

Pineapple $3

Frango Spicy chicken $4

Frango Sobre  Marinated chicken $4

Chicken wrapped with bacon $4

Presunto  Glazed ham $4

Pudim - Brazilian Caramel Flan - $8.99Pudim De Leite GF

A delicious, creamy Brazilian caramel flan – the most incredible flan you've ever tasted! This flan is gluten-free when ordered without the crispy wafer.

Torta Brigadeiro GF  $8.99.

A luxurious indulgence for chocolate lovers, it features a slice of decadent chocolate mousse torte, made with a blend of four types of chocolate. Best of all, it’s gluten-free. Served with sliced bananas and fresh Strawberries .

Romeu E Julieta Style Cheesecake $8.99

This creamy favorite is a perfect end to a perfect meal. You can try it the way Brazilians love it –  with a traditional Raspberry Sauce.    

                                                                      Guaraná Antartica

Naturally flavored premium soda. Guaraná is a berry grown in the Amazon region. It is also Brazil's most traditional soft drink


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Tuesday-Friday 4-8 Pm

Saturday  12-8 Pm

Sunday     1-6 pm