We're Involved! Rodizio Grill
Is a Strong Community Supporter

We believe building a stronger community starts with being involved with people and events that represent what Rodizio Grill, the Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant, stands for, from charities, sports and athletes, school and students.

Bruno Carniero Competes in NASA Utah 6-Hour Endurance Race

Rodizio Grill has been a long-time supporter of young racer Bruno Carniero for many years. This past weekend, Bruno competed in the Nasa Utah 6-Hour Endurance Race, his team winning the race. To learn more, click here.


Rodizio Grill hosts BBQ Fest

Rodizio Grill holds its annual BBQ Fest event in June & July. Every night, for no additional charge, guests can enjoy various BBQ menu items including: Traditional American BBQ ribs, Brazilian-style Lime Ribs, BBQ Brisket and much more. E


Rodizio Grill® Holds Its Third Annual Fundraiser for Image Reborn Foundation

Rodizio Grill will donate 100 percent of Rabanada, our signature dessert, sales to Image Reborn Foundation’s breast cancer renewal retreat program for the entire month of October.

Image Reborn Foundation provides weekend retreats to breast cancer survivors at no cost and empower women to live beyond breast cancer. Rodizio Grill raised $21,730 for this foundation in hopes of changing the lives of these survivors.

"With the support of Rodizio Grill, Image Reborn has empowered more than 3,000 women to date," said Dr. Renato Saltz, Founder and President of the nonprofit organization. "We are grateful for Rodizio Grill's on-going support which has fueled the growth of Image Reborn over the last few years, and made it possible to expand our programs and help even more women."

Taking place in Park City, Utah, the retreats include discussion groups, breast cancer education, nutritional information and exercise opportunities, journaling, massage therapy and pampering in hopes of supporting these survivors.

Rodizio Grill will also be hosting Wild Game Fest during the month of October, where guests can enjoy Spicy Elk and Bison with Cheddar, Rattlesnake Sausage and Kurobuta (wild hog) in addition to the regular menu, at no additional charge.

Bruno Carneiro

14-year-old Bruno Carneiro has been racing go-karts since he was five. With his very first go-kart given to him by Rodizio Grill’s founder, Ivan Utrera, he won the Utah State Championship in the KidKart 50cc Class in 2005 and repeated the feat in 2006.

Carneiro races for Rodizio Racing Team in Utah, California, Arizona. In Brazil, he races with Rodizio Grill/Dolly Team and in Europe with Rodizio Grill/Danilo Rossi Team. Having won 56 races and countless podiums, Carneiro has traveled around the world chasing his dream.

After two months of fundraising, Carneiro had another great achievement aboard his new Kosmic Mercury.

"I have been working very hard since January, giving coaching lessons and fundraising, but it all pays off as I have a new kart and a new motor that is being prepared by Ricardo Legree, in Florida. I managed to raise almost everything to pay for Grand Nats, also with the great support from my sponsors," said Carneiro.