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Testimonials From Our Guests

I've been to Rodizio Grill the Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant several times, and EVERY time, it is the ultimate dining experience! The room, the staff, the food, the layout, the service, the etiquette is the highest standard. It's a perfect meal in every way, every time. The ONLY suggestion I have is that perhaps there is a way that you can encourage customers to STOP EATING when they know they've had enough, but because it's SO good, they think, "just a few more bites..."!!!! – Becky M., Denver, CO

Every time I go to Rodizio Grill the Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant with friends we have a great time! It's a fun place to get some very good food. The staff is great and there are so many food choices. If you haven't been and feel like trying something new you will not be disappointed! Nick B., Salt Lake City, UT

Rodizio Grill the Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant is one of our big nights out and every time we go, it just gets better and better. We pretty much fast a day in advance because we know how much amazing, tasty food we will indulge in. I cannot get enough of the garlic beef! It literally melts in your mouth! My fiancé could probably eat an entire pineapple, he always says- "This is the dessert God intended us to have.” Brandy L., Fort Collins, CO

I took my granddaughter out for a lunch date to work on her restaurant manners. She had such a nice time and loved the salad bar at Rodizio Grill.  The staff was really cute with her and was great. Thanks for providing such a nice affordable environment with great food and staff. She already wants to go back to the place they "cut stuff off of swords in front of you".  She, by the way, had great manners! Linda H., Utah Valley, UT

This Rodizio Grill experience for Brunch was fantastic. Starting with the wonderful and tasty salads available, hot breakfast items, and wonderfully tasting grilled meats. We were very impressed, and look forward to our next visit to Rodizio Grill Brazilian steakhouse restaurant in Maple Grove! Dean R., Maple Grove, MN

One of the best restaurants I've ever been to. If you like to sample a lot of different items then this place is for you. Personal favorites are ceviche, summer salad, pineapple/coconut coleslaw, top sirloin and best of all was roasted pineapple. I couldn't stop smiling as each item was fantastic. Highly recommend. Carter P., Columbus, OH

You will be spoiled by the service and variety of fabulous items at Rodizio Grill Nashville! Really nice and very fun being on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville. The staff really added to the experience, which is obviously a reflection of first-rate management. ML, Nashville, TN

Took my family to the Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant in Voorhees, NJ for Mother's day weekend. Love the environment in the restaurant. Very clean and spacious. The meats were delicious and very welcoming staff. I recommend everyone to dine here. Peter K., Voorhees, NJ

Endless. Meat. Every. 30. Seconds. Seriously though, the food was fantastic. There is also a salad bar for those who are not carnivores. Service was impeccable! Extremely professional and fast. Must try the is fantastic. Thank you Rodizio Grill Milwaukee for providing me with one of my finest meals. Chris S., Milwaukee, WI

My husband, daughter and I had the pleasure of dining at Rodizio Grill the Brazilian Steakhouse today. The food was great, especially the sweet and spicy chicken. The service was also a plus! We were greeted with a smile upon arriving and seated right away. We were asked by several staff members, including the owner, if everything was OK and if we needed anything. We will definitely be back! Jennifer M., Braintree, MA.

The best restaurant in town, with wonderful Fraldinha. Helton C., Lincoln, NE

We really enjoyed our brunch in celebrating my son's 19th birthday at Rodizio Grill the Brazilian Steakhouse. We felt so welcomed from the moment we walked in, the wait staff was attentive to our needs, from high chairs for our children to order more of their wonder meats and grilled chicken. We are planning our next family gathering so we can enjoy this wonderful food and exceptional service. Anonymous, Dallas, TX

These people know customer service and the food is exceptional! You'll never regret it. It starts with Pedro the manager/cook/waiter/host! Yes, he does it all and you'll feel like family when you're at Rodizio Grill. Steve F., Lehigh Valley, PA

We just left Rodizio Grill Melbourne very full and happy! It was delicious and I know two of my co-workers have made reservations for tonight due to my texting and sending them pictures as our meal progressed! Well done; we will be back!! Karen H., Melbourne, FL.

The food was amazing and the service was excellent. It's hard to find places like this. We loved it!!!  Nancy T., McAllen, TX.